No Amount of Sales Training Will Achieve Long-Term Success Without Sales Management Training

When it comes to lasting sales performance improvement, the rubber meets the road with sales managers and sales leaders.

Salespeople need a leader who can reinforce the new selling skills they develop in training, and to continually coach them to overcome challenge areas.
The hiring decisions sales managers make, the way they coach their team, andhow they hold their people accountable will either make or break the performance of the sales team and the effectiveness of any sales training.

Whether it’s a VP of Sales or a front line sales manager, the training has to focus on the key issues that sales leaders face every day, from making sales hiring  mistakes, to forecasting issues, to conducting coaching conversations—and everything in between.

Name of program

Passion-Empowerment-Productivity (PEP)

This program provides the teachings, tools, confidence and support to become a highly successful Sales Manager and differentiate himself in your market!

The program is divided into 3 distinct learning modules:

  1. Passion : Leadership
  2. Empowerment : Showroom Management
  3. Productivity : Financial Performance



What is leadership?

  • Leadership styles and leadership modes
  • Management skills and styles
  • The concept of the Growth Curve
  • The importance of trust and integrity
  • Being a Sales Manager versus a Sales Administrator
  • Setting expectation and goalsThe difference between coaching and training
  • How to conduct meaningful, effective and productive coaching sessions
  • PRO-TiPS for facilitating motivating and impactful sales meetings

Take home : 25 sales meeting ideas/concepts.


  • Creating success – the daily activities of a highly successful Sales Manager
  • Great salespeople are everywhere! – and where to find them!
  • The profile and attributes of today’s successful salesperson – exactly what to look forRecruiting, interviewing and hiring next generation salespeople
  • How to properly “onboard” a new salespersonSalesperson training and coaching conceptsThe four things that motivate the individual (Hint – it’s not only money)
  • What mobilises and motivate a sales team to win.
  • The concept of the sales DESK or Command Post


MASTERING and MANAGING the things you can control (Hint – you can’t
always control the number of customers that e-mail or walk into your
dealership, but you can control the interaction /process with them once they
have entered your dealership)
  • Managing and measuring e-leads, walk-in customer traffic and unsold customers
  • The benefits of a trained, coached and enforced sales process on your floor
  • How to implement or re-implement a modern sales process
  • What customers really want and are expecting at your dealership
  • Developing a modern sales process (experience) that accommodates what customers want
  • Developing a sales process that commands both sales volume and solid gross profit
  • The concept of the Showroom Heartbeat (gross profit is an “attitude” and a state of mind)
  • How to have salespeople present the vehicle price, manufacturer’s incentives and trade-in value with enthusiasm (and defend them!)
  • Presenting and closing with payment-based proposals
  • How to develop payment-based proposals with strategy
  • Effective negotiation strategies that HOLD and catapult gross profit/vehicle

Extra (If necessary )

Desking and T/O’s skills and approach
Strategies for common and typical showroom scenarios:
  1. “ ! want to go home and think about it.”
  2. “ I want to talk to their wife/husband/partner/accountant/etc”.
  3. “ Who still want to shop other dealerships (same brand)”
  4. “ Who want to shop another manufacturer”
  5. “ Who are unhappy with their trade-in value, discount, monthly payment, etc.”
  6. Customers who demand the “BEST PRICE” without commitment”
  7. How to “Walk a customer” thru numbers
Take home: Emotional intelligence skill training
  1. Soft skills do produce hard sales results.
  2. How emotional intelligence impacts leading a sales team.
  3. Teach “Delayed Gratification”. Salespeople who score high in this skill are willing to do the work before they earn the reward.
  4. Get a sales team that knows how to manage themselves, read prospects better and overall are more enjoyable to work with.