Bringing new people on?

With this training we will help your salesforces to:

  • Build better rapport with your customers therefore get more sales.
  • Identify non-verbal messages you may be sending to your customers.
  • Improve sales to existing customers as well as grow your market share.
  • Overcome objections and make the sale.
  • Use effective techniques for closing more sales.
  • Develop weekly, monthly, and annual sales targets to achieve greater sales.
  • Learn the fundamentals of goal setting - how goals work and how setting and achieving goals can increase satisfaction and confidence levels at work and in their personal life.

Program’s title:

"Car sales: My customer first"

Main objective

Develop skills in identifying the customer’s needs and expectations in automotive sales.

Specific objective

Understand the importance of the structure of a transactional relationship.


  1. Create a connection and develop rapport.
  2. Discover the needs, expectations and wants of the prospect.
  3. Learn how to ask the proper questions: opened or closed ?
  4. Build value and confirm selection.
  5. Ask for the order.
  6. Isolate the problem and present solutions.
  7. Confirm with the client if we are listening to his needs.


Stage I

  • Masterful explanation of each of the steps mentioned above.

Stage II

  • Practical applications: written exercises, role playing, simulations, brainstorming, etc.

Content 1 : Step by step automobile sales training:

  • Meet and greet client: Establishing a relationship of trust and declaring his expertise.
  • Interview: Discovering the needs and wants of the prospect.
  • Product Knowledge: Overview: Features and benefits.
  • The road test: How to build the value of the product.
  • Sell the dealership: Service, parts, bodyshop etc.
  • Isolate and deal with objections: Stay in control, ask the right questions.
  • Negotiation, conclusion of a sale or obtaining a counter offer.
  • Financial aspects: finance or leasing, Certified programs (if applicable)
  • Delivery of a vehicle: Create loyalty and retention.
  • Telephone: Prospecting and incoming calls & after-sales follow-up: Customer loyalty.

Content 2 : Other training topics

  • Automobile sales consultant: a way of life, how to stay motivated and focused.

  • Advertising and Marketing.

  • Psychology of sales.

  • Prospecting and after sales.

  • Influencing styles: How do I influence my prospects.

  • Colors of personalities: The 4 types of prospects.

  • Rules of Success: Every Day, Every Time, No exceptions, Without Failure.


Other topics or subjects might be addressed if required

Content 3

  • Complete in “real-time:” a transaction and procedures to follow.

  • Meet and greet, needs and wants, pit-stop, walk-around, road test

  • “Feel the Wheel “

  • Negotiation, closing, introduction to the Business Manager, preparation and delivery process, follow up call etc.

General Information :

  • Complete instructional material for each participant.
  • Written assessment of the competency profile of the participant.
  • Certificate of completion (10 days after training).

Context of the trainings

 In the classroom and in the showroom (as required)

 The total duration of this specific training is 24 hours (8 hours a day.

Guarantees and exclusions :

PMB Professional Coaching does not guarantee that any of the participants of this sales training for new or used cars sales will be successful in the field of sales in any form or matter.